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Which Gemstone You Should Choose? 

Which Gemstone You Should Choose?

The sheer beauty and elegance of gemstones come with a greater benefit when wearing them as jewelry; and not only this they are visually appealing and a great energy healer.

Do you know there is a study of Gemstone recommendation as per zodiac. Gemstones absorb negative energy and purify the environment. Wearing the right gemstone can help you improvise your environment and heal your unconscious space. Let’s see which is the right gemstone for you according to your zodiac sign.

Mars rules Aries, the stone associated with the ruling planet of the Aries is Red coral. Point to be noted that this stone is known for its natural healing properties. Dear aries, Red coral is the right gemstone for you.

Red coral improves the muscular system of those wearing the stone, it replenishes the energy of the individual and purifies it. Therefore, Red coral is a fiery stone that Aries must wear.


Planet of love and money Venus controls the Taureans. The cosmic energy of Venus is reflected most in the elegance of the diamond therefore it neither only signifies love but also is a symbol of luxury.

For Taurus, the right gemstone for you is Diamond. Wearing a diamond can help Taureans become resilient by boosting up their confident side, helping them showcase their creativity and talent confidently.


Mercury rules Gemini the cosmic twins. Geminis are prone to nervous disorders due to their overactive intellectual skills, therefore the gem of Mercury that is Emerald benefits the Geminis.

It helps in improving the intellectual abilities and thinking skills of Geminis and also heals them.


The Moon is also known as a warning planet and it is the one that rules over Cancerians.

Cancerians are a life full of emotions people therefore; pearls can calm the turmoil of emotions that tend to occur during the life of the Cancerians.

Thereby, the right gemstone for you is Pearls.


High on ambition Leos have the strong sense of themselves and the hormonal energy to conquer every task they set their mind to. Sun is their ruler and the gemstone associated with the sign is Ruby.

Wearing Ruby can help balance the mind, soul, and physical energy of the Leos to create harmony.

Virgo is another sign ruled by Mercury similar to the Geminis.

The earth sign is very supportive. Individuals born under this zodiac overuse their mental abilities and hence require rejuvenation to become balanced. Hence, the greenstone most useful for these people is Emerald.

Venus is the boss of Libra similar to Taurus. Libras are born with a hinge of creativity and talent but also deal with a lot of emotional rollercoaster rides in their lives.

To create balance and harmony in a diamond is suggested for Libras to wear as it gives them the sense of security and inventiveness to overcome the emotional turmoil.

Scorpios have a lot of physical as well as mental energy that makes them the most passionate of all the zodiacs, but throughout their lives, they tend to use their energies immensely, which usually leads to premature aging and creates other mental hindrances.

Gemstone recommendation as per zodiac highlights that a gemstone that gives the Scorpios the piece of mind and helps them get stability is Red coral.

The adventurous nature of the Sagittarius comes from their ruling planet Jupiter. They are hardworking and far-sighted.

The gemstone which resembles them is yellow sapphire which motivates them and empowers them to attain every ambition in their lives.


People with the sign Capricorn are highly ambitious and optimistic individuals. Their abilities to conquer every hurdle that comes their way often lead them on an exhausting journey of stress and sometimes depression.

Wearing a sapphire can help them gain balance to bounce back.


Secretive and non-communicators are various and are usually the ones who are the underdogs. Their shy side can often lead to their pessimistic nature which can make them emotionally very disturbed.

Saturn is the ruling planet of Aquarius and the gemstone associated with the sign is blue sapphire which can help them to be optimistic and purify their mental energy to help them stay focused.

12. Pisces
Ruled by Jupiter, Pisces is considered to be a spiritual leader with a strong mental focus. They are active and wise individuals.

According to the Gemstone recommendation as per zodiac, yellow sapphire is the gemstone that helps the Pisceans purify their sentiments and develop their interpersonal spiritual beliefs and desires.

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