Kundli Dosh

Kundli Dosh

Everyone goes through such a phase when luck does not favor them and they have to face setbacks, sorrows, diseases and many other obstacles. This difficult time is the result of planetary influences or horoscope defects in the horoscope.

According to Vedic astrology, horoscope is the blueprint of a person's life. It is based on the planetary positions and shows the effect of planets on human life. The positive effect of the planets is called yoga and the negative effect is called defect.

Horoscope defects like Kaal Sarp Dosh and Mangal Dosh can be very terrible and negative in a person's life. This can lead to physical ailments, setbacks, divorce, loss of wealth, poverty, job loss and even death. Thus, it is very important to analyze your birth chart and know what kind of doshas are there in it and how you can get rid of kundli doshas or remove doshas using astrological remedies.

What is Kundli Dosh? How are defects formed in the horoscope?

Kundli doshas are faults or defects or adverse conditions in a person's horoscope. They are formed due to the unfavorable position of planets in the twelve astrological houses of the birth chart. Doshas are also due to the ill effects of inauspicious planets or Rashi or Ascendant or weak or debilitated planets in the horoscope under it. It is believed that doshas appear as a result of bad deeds of present and past lives.

Different types of horoscope defects and their duration

Many types of defects can be present in the horoscope. Each dosha is caused by specific planets for a specific time period. Some defects are for a short period while some affect the life of the person for a long time. The major horoscope defects found in the horoscope are-

Mangal dosha in horoscope

Mangal Dosh or Kuj Dosh is caused by the planet Mars. This happens when Mars is situated in the 1st, 4th, 7th, 8th, or 12th house of the birth chart. The person affected by this defect is called Manglik. The presence of Mangal Dosha in the birth chart leads to delay in marriage, disturbance and quarrels in marriage, divorce or separation or even death. 50% people have Mangal Dosha in their horoscope.

Kalsarp dosha in horoscope

This is the most dreaded Kundli Dosh which everyone fears. Kaal Sarp Dosh occurs when all the seven planets come between Rahu and Ketu. The time period of Kaal Sarp Dosh is usually 47 years depending on the birth chart of a person. Kaal Sarp Dosha causes marital problems, delayed success, frequent obstacles, family discord, nightmares, ill-health, short life-span, financial problems, money loss, low self-esteem, infidelity, incurable diseases, career obstacles, lack of peace and happiness it occurs. Lack can cause suffering.

Pitra Dosh in Kundli

This defect occurs when Shani or Rahu is present in any zodiac sign of the horoscope. According to astrologers, this dosha arises when a person or his forefathers have performed Shradh due to wrong deeds in their previous birth. This can cause sorrows and troubles in life.

Nadi dosha in horoscope

Nadi dosha occurs when a person marries a person with the same nadi. Children of people with Nadi Dosha may be unhealthy and weak. The married life of such natives can be troublesome, so it is important to identify or check Nadi Dosha in the horoscope.

How to get rid of Kundli Dosh or reduce its ill effects?

Horoscope defects can be easily removed with the help of astrology. To reduce the effect of horoscope defects, one has to first identify the defects present in the horoscope and the intensity of their effect. After finding out the type of Kundli Dosha, Kundli Dosha and intensity, take astrological remedies and worship the ruling planets and deities. It is important and beneficial to consult an expert astrologer to find effective astrological remedies for the Kundali dosha present in your horoscope.

How to find Kundli Dosh in birth chart?

Identifying Kundli Doshas in a Kundli is a rigorous process. To find out Kundli Dosha in Kundli one should have deep knowledge of astrology so that he/she can analyze your Kundli and evaluate all the aspects of planets. It is always advisable to consult an expert astrologer or "Jyotishacharya" for birth chart analysis and to check Kundli dosha in your birth chart.

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