Observing Chaitra Amavasya 2024: Significance and Rituals

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Observing Chaitra Amavasya 2024: Significance and Rituals

Observing Chaitra Amavasya 2024: Significance and Rituals

The moon seems foggy at that phase of the moon known as Amavasya or the new moon. In the Hindu calendar month of Chaitra, the Amavsya of Chaitra is the day that falls during the black lunar phase. Chaitra Amavasya 2024, which falls in March and April in the Hindu calendar, is a very auspicious day.  This particular day is also very spoken about in Indian culture. One may be blessed if they can give alms, bathe in holy water, and reach out to assist others in need. Being connected to religious or spiritual activities on this particular day is fortunate. Pitri Tarpan is also a good choice on this particular day. The Amavasya that falls on Krishna Paksha of the Chaitra month is known as Chaitra Amavasya in the Hindu calendar. Chaitra Amavasya is considered a very fortunate day in our religion. This is a very significant day in Indian culture since it is considered a very lucky day to be involved in religious and spiritual activities. People celebrate the day by taking showers, giving alms, and doing a variety of materialistic activities. On Chaitra Amavasya, there is also a rite similar to Pitra Tarpan.

Chaitra Amavasya 2024: Date and Tithi Timings

Chaitra Amavasya 2024 Date: April 8, 2024, Monday Chaitra Amavasya Tithi Begins at 03:21 AM, Apr 08 Chaitra Amavasya Tithi Ends at 11:50 PM, Apr 08

Significance of Chaitra Amavasya

Chaitra Amavasya is the first Amavasya of the year and, according to religious customs, an important day for fasting, according to the Hindu calendar. The Chaitra Amavasya vrat is very significant since it aids in removing negativity and hopelessness from a person's life. On this day, people worship Lord Vishnu and bathe in the holy waters of the Ganga to wash away their sins as part of the Chaitra Amavasya Vrat.  In addition to receiving blessings from Lord Vishnu, this day is important for carrying out the shradh rites for the departed souls. Chaitra Amavasya is significant because it is believed that worshiping Lord Vishnu on this day removes negativity and sadness from one's life. If Pitra Dosh is present in one's Kundali, it can also be eliminated by puja. To find out if their Kundali has this dosh, one can speak to astrologer over the phone. 

How to Observe Chaitra Amavasya Vrat?

The rites that must be performed on Chaitra Amavasya 2024 to obtain the ancestors' salvation are:
  • Get up early and take a bath in the sacred waters.
  • Present Sun with water and arghya.
  • Give to charity while fasting in remembrance of your ancestors.
  • After the Pitru Shradh, feed the poor or Brahmins.
  • With mustard oil, light a lamp.
  • Give Lord Shanidev the black sesame seeds, mustard oil, and blue flowers beneath the peepal tree.
  • While lowering the doshas, fasting on Amavasya assures prosperity and longevity for the individual. It is good to perform a puja beneath a peepal tree because Lord Vishnu resides in the roots, Lord Shiva in the stem, and Lord Brahma in the remaining portions of the tree.

Rituals To Be Followed on Chaitra Amavasya 2024 Vrat

Following these rites will enable devotees to reap the advantages of Chaitra Amavasya vrat:
  • Offer water to the Sun and the Tulsi plant while reciting the Gayatri Mantra 108 times.
  • Give Shivling some water, and give a cow some rice.
  • Tulsi should be placed beneath a peepal tree. Add rice, milk, curd, turmeric, sandalwood, black flax seeds, and flowers. 
  • 108 times around the tree, wrap a holy thread. Married women who carry out these rounds can additionally take bangles, chocolates, and mehendi for puja.
  • Present the prasad, which consists of homemade kheer, puris, and veggies, for you to consume.
  • Donate clothing and food to charities.
  • On the day of the fast, try to keep maun vrat.
Observing the fast, engaging in devotion, and making pilgrimages in the days preceding and following Amavasya are considered auspicious.  Chaitra Amavasya is a sacred occasion that offers devotees an opportunity for spiritual introspection, purification, and renewal. By observing the rituals and practices associated with this auspicious day, devotees can seek divine blessings, spiritual upliftment, and inner peace. Let us embrace the significance of Chaitra Amavasya 2024 with devotion and reverence, and may it bring prosperity, happiness, and spiritual fulfillment to all.

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