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Astrological Remedies for Solving Extra Marital Affairs Problems

A marriage is a wonderful union of two individuals who commit themselves to one another for the rest of their lives. However, some people establish illicit relationships in an attempt to find love outside of marriage. Often called "extra marital affairs," these partnerships seriously damage marriages and create a rift between husband and wife. Sometimes, adultery and the existence of a covert romantic relationship cause couples to experience divorce, separation, and other marital issues.  However, why did the extramarital affair occur? Do locals seek out unlawful relationships as a result of planets? Can we anticipate extra marital affairs based on a person's birthdate? Is it possible to use astrology to find many relationships? How does one end an affair that a husband is having? In this piece, let's investigate the solutions to each of these queries. Continue reading to learn about extra marital affairs problems solutions and relationship problem solutions in astrology.

Secret Love Extra Marital Affairs in Astrology

Astrologically speaking, the planets in your horoscope might influence your chances of having hidden love affairs. Astrologers claim that specific astrological placements for extramarital affairs can accurately predict whether or not your partner will cheat on you in the future. This section covered the astrological planets by date of birth suggesting hidden romantic relationships. Continue reading to find out which planet is in charge of extramarital affairs.

Planets Responsible for Extra Marital Affairs

The person's extra marital affairs are caused by several planets and planetary combinations. They're


The native's intellect is represented by the moon. An extra marital affairs or infidelity is indicated when the Moon is in trine to Mercury. Similarly, in astrology, a conjunction of the Moon, Mercury, and Gemini zodiac sign indicates adulterous affairs. Infidelity is also indicated by Punarbhu Dosha in the horoscope. When Rahu and the moon are in conjunction, Punarbhu Dosha happens. The native becomes mentally distorted and is more likely to engage in extramarital affairs as a result.


In a Kundali, Mangal, or Mars, is a potent planet for marriage. It regulates and controls a person's sexual expression and frequently points to adulterous issues in the horoscope.


Venus is the planet of love, passion, beauty, emotional attachment, and matrimony. In astrology, it is one of the primary planets in charge of covert romantic relationships. When Venus and Rahu are in harmony, people experience intense emotions and become involved in extra marital affairs. In astrology, the placement of Mars and Venus in the birth chart might also portend a covert romantic relationship. When Venus and Uranus align in a person's horoscope, it indicates that the native's primary motivation for engaging in an extramarital affair is a sexual obsession.


Very erratic feelings and urges are brought on by the planet Rahu. According to astrology, this planet is in charge of hidden relationships. The native's emotional and mental proclivities are greatly influenced by Rahu, which makes him or her feel compelled to engage in unlawful partnerships. Rahu's placement in a horoscope's seventh astrological house suggests that the woman will eventually become the source of the family's shame.


Jupiter is a symbol of religion and goodness. It is a sign that a woman has gotten married. Jupiter's favorable horoscope placement prevents the native from engaging in any extramarital affairs or careless flings. Nonetheless, there are clear indications of having an extramarital affair in life when Jupiter is weak or afflicted. 

Astrological Remedies for Solving Extra Marital Affairs

Vedic astrology provides answers to all of life's problems. In addition to helping you end your partner's love affair, the astrological cures recommended by qualified astrologers can also strengthen your bond with your spouse. Thus, employ these potent and successful treatments for extramarital affairs as soon as you discover your spouse's extramarital relationship or discover a hidden love affair in your astrological chart.
  • Apply kumkum to the side of your husband's bed where he is sleeping. Gather the kumkum and apply it on your Maang (hair partition) where you usually apply it first thing the next day. As you apply kumkum to your head, invoke the blessings of Goddess Parvathi by reciting her name. The simplest astrological solution for an adulterous issue is this one. It is recommended that you adhere to this totkas on Sunday night to end the extra marital affairs.
  • Another straightforward and uncomplicated astrological solution for a husband's extra marital affairs is available. To accomplish this, light a cube of camphor in the bedroom. There is no set day on which this totka must be performed. You can spend any night of the week doing this. Carrying this astrological remedy with the fullest confidence and commitment is all that is required of you. This totka also aids in putting an end to the husband's covert liaison. 
  • Getting the identity of the person you believe is having an affair with your spouse is another effective way to end your husband's extramarital affair. You need to take some lotus seeds (makhana) and write the person's name on them to carry out this totka. Burn the seeds till they turn to ashes after you have written the person's name in capital letters. This astrological cure will assist you in severing your spouse's contact with that individual and ending your extramarital affair.
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