Vastu Tips for Flats-:

Vastu tips for flats is the same as it is for independent houses. If the vastu for a flat is not right you will face the same problems that you will have if the vastu for an independent house is not correct.

If you have already bought a plot for your new home and aren’t able to start the construction for any reason, get the central portion of the land cleaned and get a slope created towards the North or East direction.

• While entering the plot, you should always enter from the direction where you will be constructing your main gate.

• All the four directions for the plot should be 90 degrees to gain progress and prosperity. If any corner other than the North East is bigger than the normal corners, it is not considered good.

• While the construction is on, never keep sand, bricks and other construction material in the North East direction. This might hamper the construction and create other problems.

Water is a symbol of money and prosperity. According to vastu, the place with water beneath it never runs out of money. Hence right after you decide the place, make sure to get a water tank established in the North or North East direction after the bhoomi-poojan is done.

• While building the foundation of house, start from the North East, and gradually proceed to the South West. The pillars and walls should be first constructed in the West or South so that these directions are always higher than the rest of the construction.

Ask your contractor to avoid keeping his construction tools in the North West. This may lead to misunderstandings and delay in work coupled with irregularities.

Mirrors should not be located inside the bedroom as they lead to frequent quarrels among the members of the house.

• Look for apartments with bore wells, pumps, and lawns in the North-East direction of the property.

• The kitchen in the flat should not be facing the main door and should preferably face East.

• The main door to your apartment should be in the North-East direction of the North or East facing wall. See to it that your door does not open directly in front of the lift.

• When the RCC or the ceiling is being constructed, ensure to get it constructed first in the South or West direction and lastly in the North West. This ensures that the work gets done smoothly within the allocated budget.

• Once the construction is complete and you are moving ahead with sanitary and other implementations, you may keep this material in the room situated in the South West direction, and close that room with a temporary door, using it as a store room. This helps you in saving money.

• Work related to POP, flooring and false ceiling work should always start from the South West direction. Make sure to have a store room facing the South West there irrespective of whether it is required or not. South West-facing construction ensures lesser chances of fights, quarrels, financial crisis, etc.

• Avoid apartments that have large bodies of water in the South or West direction of the apartment.

• You will attract bad luck if the entry to the apartment is towards the South or West of the South-West corner. East and North-East are the best directions to have the entrance, this is said to bring good luck and positivity.

• If you’re looking to travel a lot look for apartments with a completely covered boundary wall in the west, a lot of open space in the East or North-East, when the property slopes from South-West to the North-East.

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