Vastu Shastra for home

Vastu Shastra is a traditional Indian system which basically is a science of architecture that implements on direction of a living space together with combining all the five elements of nature to create a congenial atmosphere and to bring happiness, peace, prosperity and soundness of health to the occupants.

Vastu shastra for a positive Home

  • According to Vastu shastra, the main entrance to a home is also the entry point for energy therefore the main door should face the north, east or the Northeast direction.
  • Avoid placing a fountain, or any other decorative water-centric element, outside the main door.
  • Avoid placing a shoe rack or dustbin outside the main door.
  • There shouldn’t be a bathroom near the main door.
  • Ensure the main entrance is well lit.
  • Avoid painting the main door black.
  • Decorate your door with beautiful nameplates and auspicious torans.
  • Avoid placing animal statues or figures near the main door.
  • Ensure your main door opens in a clockwise manner.
  • Designating a room in the house for meditation and prayers, this will ensure spiritual growth. It is always important for an individual to introspect and connect to a higher power, says Ddhannak.

White, beige, or a light yellow or green are great color options for the meditation room.

  • The east or north-east part of your home is perfect for meditation, yoga and other spiritual pursuits.
  • Facing east when you meditate will increase positivity.
  • Create a sacred altar and decorate it with candles or incense sticks.
  • In a home, the living room is where most of the activity is centered. Therefore, ensure the living room is clutter-free. The living room should face east, north or north-east. Alternatively, a north-west-facing living room is also favorable.
  • Heavy furniture should be kept in the west or south-west direction of the living room.
  • All electronics and appliances should be installed in the south-east section of the living room.
  • If there is a mirror in the room, ensure it is placed on the north wall.
  • Sometimes, the smallest things can turn your fortunes around. Vastu Shastra shows you how tweaking your bedroom can enhance positive energy and even improve relations between couples. As per Vastu, paint your bedroom walls in neutral or earthy shades as it radiates positive energy. Avoid painting your walls black.
  • Ideally, the bedroom in a south-west direction brings good health and prosperity. Avoid a bedroom in the north east or south-east zone of the house as the former may cause health issues, while a bedroom placed in the latter direction may cause quarrels among couples. The bed should be placed in the southwest corner of the bedroom, with your head facing west.
  • Avoid placing a mirror or television in front of the bed. Your reflection must not be seen in a mirror when in bed as it causes fights and other domestic disruptions.
  • Paint your bedroom walls in neutral or earthy shades as it radiates positive energy. Avoid painting your walls black.
  • Avoid having a temple, paintings depicting water or a fountain in the bedroom as it could cause emotional outbursts.
  • Use mood lighting and burn aromatic oils to create an oasis of calm.

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