The Superstitions Behind Right Eye Blinking And Left Eye Blinking

In India, people are very much conscious about certain things and the superstitions it brings along with it. Indians are superstitious about many things and link it to the bad omens, whether it is as ordinary as a black cat crossing their path or the breaking of glass or a flash of unusual lightning struck in the sky.

However, the blinking or twitching of the eyes is also superstitiously linked with good and bad omens. Superstitions behind eye blinking spread far and wide.  According to Vedic astrology, Indians believe that the eye twitching and blinking is a tool for predicting the future. Except for the future prediction, the blinking prediction differs for the right eye and the left eye, and also the left and right eye blinking for males and left and right eye blinking for females.

Right eye blinking for males is considered to be auspicious as men can expect good news concerning their careers and it can bring good fortune and a good future.

Right eye blinking for females is the opposite as it is looked like a bad omen. Women are likely to hear bad news about their profession and face problems with that.

Also, according to a belief system, right eye blinking is alarming. The right eye blinking indicates that the person is being praised or good news is on their way. An unexpected person can even come and meet the person.

Left eye blinking for males is not a very good indicator for them as they may have to face a difficult time in their life and career.

Left eye blinking for females is, on the other hand, considered auspicious and a hopeful sign as they can hear some good news and there would be peace and happiness around them.

However, the blinking or the twitching of the eyes can change with time. According to astrology, if the right eye blinks between 6 AM to 5 PM, a person can receive an invitation and if the same thing happens between 5 PM to 6 AM, it signals a tragedy.

Meanwhile, the twitching or blinking of the eye is a normal process; it is brief, and gradually fades away. The twitching or blinking does not require proper care or diet if it does not stay longer. If the twitching or blinking stays longer, it may be worth taking care of. as it could be a symptom of a neurological condition.

The excessive blinking of the eyes can be associated with extreme exhaustion, unsuitable sleep, and longer stretches of work on the phone.

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