Moon-in-12th-houseStars travel in different houses of a person’s horoscope, bringing changes to their lifestyle, environment, and their personal lives. Moon in different houses have a different impact while traveling in the twelfth house tends to be over–sensitive and feel extraordinarily vulnerable. Now the placement of the moon in the twelfth house has both good and bad effects. With the moon in the twelfth house, the person is incredibly creative and has many hidden talents.
The placement of the moon in the 12th house gives a person the opportunity to overcome issues like an emotional setback or the burden of responsibilities. The twelfth house stands for problems, sorrows, sufferings, and so on. On the moon entering the twelfth house, the person becomes emotionally attached and gets creative through all the sufferings. This habit can isolate the person in order to recharge as the native needs moments of solitude.
So, the natives of Moon in the 12th house blow hot and cold at regular intervals drawing more attention from the people around them.

Positive impact:

The natives of the moon in the 12th house are sensitive and have a better understanding of others. They notice small things to ensure their near and dear ones are not hurt emotionally and expect the same from them.

Negative impact:

With all the emotions in their heart and mind, the natives are flooded with extreme emotional needs that are hard to define. Buried with emotional needs, they may avoid taking any responsibility. They are sensitive to others’ sufferings but may not be emotionally available for help, most of the time, because of their hypersensitivity.
The natives of the moon in the 12th house feel difficult to share with others. They frequently withdraw contact with the world and need a peaceful environment to heal. They are sensitive and full of feelings and emotions. Often considered anti-social they are introverts and shy about talking about their feelings.
Speak to astrologer Pandit Rahul Shastri to know your birth chart and see if you have a moon placed in the 12th house. The astrologer will guide you to put that energy in a better place and may even have a solution to shift the moon to a better house, where things will go according to your plan.

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