Manglik Dosh

The planet of war: Mars has a pivotal role to play in ones rashi. In this article, we will dive deeper into understanding the astrology.

Manglik dosh or kuja dosh is often feared by the Indian audience, if a person has manglik dosh written in his or her stars, every effort is made to remedy the situation. Let us begin by understanding what manglik dosh is according to astrology. If in a person’s birth chart, Mars occupies 1st, 2nd, 4th, 7th, 8th or 12th house, such person is said to have Manglik dosh or is simply a Manglik.

In ancient mythologies, Mars is depicted to be aggressive, egoistic and self-centric and in some mythologies is named as the God of War. This nature of Mars brings with itself dire consequences if at the time of birth, Mars finds a place in the above mentioned houses. Each cadre of being manglik comes with a different set of problems, some press much heavier than others.

The common problems faced by a manglik include, but are not limited to the following: Family troubles and disharmony, health issues, problems in marriage and financial crisis.

If Mars occupied the first place at the time of birth, you are 1st house manglik. For the people falling in this category, there are severe marriage problems. It becomes very difficult to find peace with your spouse. Frequent quarrels are very common. In severe cases, violence takes over. If these effects materialize in a marriage, it naturally leads to stress, mental drainage and even ends in divorce.

If Mars occupies the 2nd house, family life takes a hit. That person is not able to establish good relationship with his/her parents, siblings, spouse or children. This particular dosh also creates difficulties in professional life. Career growth is stunted, work environment is hostile and manager expectations are never satisfied.

If Mars lies in the 4th house, it knocks the teeth out of one’s professional life. You will always feel that you can do better in work, so you keep switching positions looking for that perfect fit. But that never comes to be. Everywhere you go, you are met with hostile work conditions, you do not get that desired project, learning opportunities are scarce and you grow irritable. This dosha can also mean that you are not able to find jobs even with good qualifications as a result, financial breakdown is always hanging like a sword over the head.

Mars in 7th house? If this is the case, the person does not have control over his energy. Though he/she has an enormous arsenal of energy, they are not able to channelize it properly. It often projects sickly. Constant back-talking, being highly irritable all the time, these people do not know how to ask for things nicely. More often than not, their actions are perceived as ill-tempered and egoistic. This creates a ruckus in the household and strains every relationship.

Mars in 8th house: People falling in this category are never able to find the energy to get anything done. They completely lose interest in the important affairs of life. They become distant from being active, and hard work elude them. In this process, they lose respect from their peers, elders and parents. Everybody starts eyeing them as under-achieves and soon enough they also see themselves as such. As parents start seeing them as careless individuals, they may end up losing their share in hereditary property.

Mars in 12th house: These people are always surrounded by enemies. Even friends turn on them in times of need. These enmities block success. Peace is lost, and time is wasted in mulling over aggressive emotions.  In all the energy that is wasted, people often turn bitter and fall down the rabbit hole. They try to cover up by indulging in inconsequential activities that further drain their financial resources. These people often find themselves in the middle of a huge monetary depression.

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