Is there someone in your life you have your eye on? Want to know how to grab the attention of your crush? Want some tips on how to attract different signs?

Trying to get someone’s attention can be difficult. Most people have been through the experience of liking someone but not being sure whether or not the other person feels the same. When you like someone, you frequently wonder what the best way is to attract their attention. Here are some tips on how to attract the different signs.

How to attract the different signs-:

Aries: Be the chase for them. They like a person who is sort of a challenge to them and kind of like mean. Not aggressive mean but like teasing kind of like mean.

Taurus: smell good. Smell good, look good and but them food. They are attracted to elegance and “beauty”, especially material stuff. Their soft spot is food.

Gemini: they are an intellectual sign, so just keep them talking. Especially if there is like a thing or subject they are experts on, just ask them, even if you don’t care about the subject. As long as you connect with them intellectually, you’re halfway there.

Cancer: sensitive lil crabs, they are Always having their guard up so what you have to do is show your sensitive side. Make them feel like they can be safe around you, so they can let their guard down. Also family is sort of like a big part of their life so you can start a theme about childhood or family, they’ll kind of open up more.

Leo: you just got to praise them. Make them feel like they are the star but also don’t be too nice to them because they’ll just feel too much praised, I guess. Like know the time when you can compliment them and time when to be a little bit mean and a tease.

Virgo: with them, you just have to make a mental bond. They know about a lot of things so if you can take up on any subject, its good but they also like to feel useful. So file you don’t have to know about everything but if you do, just pretend you don’t. They like to help, so just ask them if they can help you with anything. They also like a person who is looking good, puts effort in their appearance because they really do notice little details, whether there’s a new necklace or different eyeshadow, they notice.

Libra: Libras are charming and they know it. All you have to do is not fall for their charm (even if you did, pretend you didn’t). If they see that you didn’t fall for their smooth words or charm, they will try harder and think of ways to approach you. They are also attracted to people who look good. So putting an effort into how you look will also bring their attention to you.

Scorpios: They like honest people and hate liars. They can see right through them and that’s just a turn off for them. They are also keen on lit gossips and secrets, so you can just tell them you have a secret even if its not that big or just a lit dumb one, they’ll just feel charmed about it.

Sagittarius: (God your sign name is long.) They love adventures so be an adventure for them. Be more open, quirky and funny. Make them laugh a lot and talk about lit trips you took or great memories the two of you can talk about. They also, like an Aries, like a chase. So be their chase.

Capricorn: Capricorns can be very serious most of the time. They like a person who can make them feel relaxed or just be there for them emotionally. They are almost always focused on work and stress, so be that person who can take them away from responsibilities and work. They also kind of like a traditional kind of wifey/husband material type of person.

Aquarius: They like clingy people and as clingy you are, they become clingier. So all you have to do is pay attention to them but also don’t pay attention to them-if that makes sense? Like be a lit clingy but also do your thing. It’s kind of like hot-cold type of thing. Be that with them.

Pisces: Pisces are core bound to spirituality and art. So if you can connect with them spiritually, you’re halfway there. They love to listen, it’s kind of like their spell on you. You can just open up to them but they barely open up to others, so you got to find a way to make them feel safe enough for them to open up.

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