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Palmistry Career Prediction

Palmistry Career Prediction

People have a tendency to weigh luck and hard work on the same scale under the pretext that both are intertwined. But are they? Well, think of times when you saw someone getting things without them even needing to put in too much effort. We all have a story or two on the same lines to tell, right? Well, all of it is the work of our Luck line/Career line astrology, which has no certain time to reward someone.

Luck line reading is one of the most sought after palmistry practices. The Luck line in palmistry is also called Fate line, Career line, Job line, etc. as all of these aspects of life are a mixture of both luck and hard work. So if you ever seek to get a reading of your Luck line, know you are also getting yourself a peek of your professional world.

Where is the career line on hand?

Very difficult to locate for some people, the career line is a vertical line on the palm running from the base of the fingers to the wrist. The starting point of the line can be anywhere at the base of the fingers, while for most people, it is somewhere near the middle finger.

Some astrologers call this line the Saturn line too. It is a depiction of one’s fortune and having this line without jerks is a good omen. It’s a sign that you will prosper across different domains of life and the direction you choose for yourself.

Different shapes of Career line and what they mean If you have a deep and long career line

Having a career line that begins from the base of the hand and goes up to the base of the finger ascertains your capabilities to excel in your career choices. You are able to make quick decisions and don’t shy away from trying new things, especially when it comes to your profession.

If the career line is dark and bottom and lighter near finger base

This type of career line or luck line is an indication of a smooth and strong career during your teenage and the 30s. However, as you proceed to reach the middle phase of your life, things may start getting tough for you in terms of your career. Thus for such people, it is advised that you prepare multiple sources of income for yourself as you grow. Also, try saving more money.

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