Making the mind calm and quiet is very important to prevent anxieties, stress, fear, loneliness, etc. Calm mind will always awaken inner strength and confidence. Instead of thinking negatively, getting stress and anxieties, worrying all the time and expecting to get good results in the end, it’s not going to work out. So it’s better to keep your mind calm and poised.

Calm mind never brings negative thoughts, in fact it makes you see everything positively. Even in bad situations, a calm mind will see the positive behind the situations. Calm mind only benefits like better concentration ability, inner strength, patience, tolerance, and efficiency to handle daily stress calmly.

There are astrological facts and tips, which work according to horoscopes and zodiac sign to keep your mind calm. Transitions of planets may have a positive impact on your horoscope, therefore it is really necessary to consider astrological tips to calm down your mind.

Astrology has offered solutions to almost every problem that occurs in human lives. In fact some people do believe that astrology is a good medium to know your inner self and hence it will help you to know yourself better and deal with your problems.

Here, are few astrological tips to calm down your mind:

  • Start wearing half silver and partly gold rings on your first right hand finger on Thursday, as it will bring stability in your thought process.
  • Wearing Ashwagandha on your right hand wrapped in a grey thread will help you to calm your mind.
  • If your mind is disturbed with any kind of fear then you can pour some milk in a small clay pot and donate it to some needy people will help to overcome your fear.
  • Regularly doing tilak on your forehead with sandalwood or turmeric will also calm your mind.
  • By donating yogurt at the temple on Wednesday may also help to calm your mind.
  • Worshipping Lord Shiva, chanting Om Namah Shivay will also help to calm your mind. Or one can pour milk and water to Shivling will definitely bring calm to your mind and soul.
  • If you are feeling sad very often and get angry very easily then you meditate and try to concentrate on the child form of Lord Krishna, which is really going to help you.
  • Astrological facts suggest that the placement of the moon has a great impact on your daily routine and behaviour. If Rahu, Ketu, Saturn along with Moon, or it is placed on the 6th, 8th& 12th house, or it is placed alone with no planets on either side, will have an extreme effect on your mind. Also, you need to chant “Om Chandraya Namah”.
  • Some of the zodiac signs like Aries are known to keep their mind and soul calm just by doing workouts. This will help to release anger and help to control their energy to bring ease in their nature.


It is very important to stay calm to be healthy both mentally and physically. The above mentioned are the astrological tips to calm your mind, hope that these tips will bring changes and help to stay positive.